Saturday, November 28, 2009

Room 18 at Berjaya Times Square

KY invited me, Ring, Kerol, the bf and Terence to accompany him for a food review at Room 18 in Berjaya Times Sqaure last week. Super awesome company, super loads of food, super loads of laugh and super scared of KY when he works *shivers*

Thank you KY :)

Whilst we were all hungers, we fiddled around with the Black Berry in the effort to psycho Kerrol to get one! Welcome to the BB Gang Kerrol! Wooohooooo!

Creating our Black Berry Pork Gang

Pork Gang amidst the rest, Black Berry just rocks ass

Deep Fried Wanton Skin as Appetizer

Our duck, char siu and siew yoke dish

Venison with deep fried yau char kwai

Some dim sum dish which I forgot the name

Siew Loong Pao

Papaya creamy puff dim sum

Very nice seafood porridge

KY serious at work

Herbed Siew Loong Pao

Hehehe Kerrol so cutes!

Choi Sam fried with Garlic

Guess who tagged along :D


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