Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star City Restaurant, Aman Suria

One thing that I learnt from KY and friend would be punctuality. I mean I used to always be early when meeting up with friends BUT none of them are ever punctual, so me and the bf learnt to adapt to the Malaysian style of always appearing at least 30 minutes late for any functions or events or gathering or such. (FYI, even when we are late, we are always still the earliest to arrive) But with KY and gang, when they say 1.30pm they mean 1.30 sharp they are all there. So punctual, I LIKE! But also make me a bit paiseh because I have adapted to the bad habits, it does take some time to change. Give chance k? Don't angers, many love :)

So my new food introduction today would be Star City Seafood Restaurant in Aman Suria - it is just a few doors before the famous Wong Poh claypot butter cheese crab Restaurant. Star City is way nicer and much more affordable as compared to Wong Poh. Let's run through the illustration of photos and start drooling :)

The super awesome dishes enough to feed me for two weeks

This is my favorite dish amongst all. Dunno what fertilizer kenot cross over dunno what.
Just point to the chinese wordings near the entrance in a yellow cupboard thingy.
It comes with rice vermicelli, toufu and fish maw in a soup that is steamed with the prawn and crab juice and they both taste so bloody awesome, no joking about it
The next time I go there, I will just order this to tapao and whack it at home for dinner :)

Second favorite dish, the Vietnamese style crab (FYI anything that has crabs would always be my favorite)
It is very appetisizing and slightly pepperish and has a very sweet taste to it
Kimberly mentioned that the prawn ones are nice too, not as troublesome to eat

Don't know the dish name, but it has Brinjal and Petai inside and looks a bit spicy

Salt and Pepper Fried Calamari

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

Dunno what chicken

Third favorite dish, the pork ribs

Fried toufu

Terence, Rachel, The Bf, Me and KY

The Bf, Me and KY

Shaolintiger, Kimberlycun, Myhorng, Kerol and Terence


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