Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tom, Dick & Harry's.

My darling babyboo did a post on Tom, Dick & Harry's opening - and I figured, being a friend of Roen's and Colin's - lets support them further by promoting it more and more right here on my blog!!!

The place is located on 18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, right there in Taman Tun Dr Ismail - this is the same row as Boathouse, Sids, Deutsche Gasthaus etc etc...

And so we were there. Our first time.

At first I didnt know where it was... was it before, or after Hong Leong Bank? And then I found it!!!!

Tom's Dick is Hairy.

Ahh damn... I always make this same corny joke. Tom, Dick & Harry's.

Whilst it was a brand new place, we got there and met up with the regular old friends!!! Hehehe...

First, there's the famous Blogger Kenny and then Blogger Boy star Julie.

And Blogger Boy himself.

Ms Twitterer is super busy.

...and then she wanted to offer me her tongue. Err... no thanks hehe.

Then, there's Ms Camwhorer.

Ms Camwhorer took a picture with me too.

And a sweet picture too.

Ms Twitterer had a chat with this hot girl, if I'm not mistaken, she's this blogger.

Then we met up with Mr Pilot.

Mr Pilot has the best job ever. He's like the highest paid 'bus driver' ever - he works probably less than 20 hours a month, flies First Class in the cockpit, can drink all the booze if he wants, his 'bus' is technically on autopilot, and he gets to screw any air stewardesses or stewards he wants. How about that?

Then there's Kennhyn from

He took these nice pictures... hehe...

Of course, the models have to look good also lah.. otherwise, how good the photographer also the pictures come out not nice wan ahaha...

Kennhyn also took this shot - somehow looking like a spyshot.. hehe..

Then after that, Mr Vocalist came along too.

Mr Vocalist is really Mr Eujin - from TwoSidesToAStory.

"I WANT TO SING!!!!!!!"

"I might be drunk - wanna help me dig my nose?"

Or... maybe it was like this...

"I wanna camwhore! - note to self: remember to face the camera to myself next time..."

As we ended the night and were on the way out, we met up with Mr Chris too. He's this 6 pack guy whom I used to play futsal with every Sunday.

Yup he's still fit.

I bet he might still play futsal.

Not me though.

Reservations: Not required
Set Meals: No
Use of MSG: No
Outdoor Section: Yes
Smoking Section: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes, small dogs only
Baby Chairs: Yes
Separate Bar: No
Car Valet: No
Private Rooms: No
Credit Cards: Mastercard/Visa

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