Friday, January 8, 2010

The Hungry Hog.

While Christmas is a time for turkeys and lamb perhaps, I would still prefer to go for ROAST PORK - and for this, there are way too many places that serves roast pork and roast piglets etc etc.

Sometime ago while surfing The Star Online, I came across this weblog - The Hungry Hog. Here're some excerpts from the blog...

"The Hungry Hog is now open for business 7 days a week! From 9am to 6pm, we will be serving you delicious nosh to bring more cheer to your day!

To place your orders, give us a call at 012-2250877 or send us an email at Orders can be picked up at our hog house in SS14, Subang Jaya."

These Italian Fennel Pork Sausages looks so good...

...and then we have of course, the DELICIOUS ROAST PORK!!!!

"...Juicy roasted pork belly with a crispy, golden skin, this delicious meat is perfect for sharing at parties, barbeques and housewarming/full moon/birthday celebrations. It can also be served as a dish at mealtimes or as a snack. Pair it with your favourite wine or beer for a mouth watering experience!..."

Okay I think I am getting hungry now... I need to have some roast pork NOW!

There's even a video of the founder here!!!

And so... for our Christmas dinner, we did try it out. And guess what - IT WAS AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

The Special Rosemary Siew Yoke!!!

Original Flavour...


Eric said...

testing testing

Eric said...

Mmm did I miss out on anyone at the top bar for the #porkgang members?

Myhorng said...

very much all of them dy from me point.

TY said...

If you like roast pork, you should try Pudu 王美記靚燒肉, it mealt in your mouth and the best in town.

The Hungry Hog said...

Hi guys, thanks for the endorsement! Glad you enjoyed the meats :)

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