Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Live Freshwater Fish @ Chynna, KL Hilton.

I've always been a fan of freshwater fishes - and in fact, I like it done in any style and any method. Usually, I would go for my favourite patins as well as soon hocks, as I find that these two types of freshwater fishes are perhaps the most universal of them all - and most easily available. However, not many restaurants can cook these rich freshwater fishes that well - and I'm constantly on the lookout for better restaurants.

Just last week - I had the chance to catch a glimpse - or I would say, a taste of some of the delicious dishes together with MyHorng and Suanie - as well as a few editors from the local magazines. The dishes were supposed to be a special one-month promotion only - and I feel so honoured and thankful that I had the opportunity to sample some of the best cookings in town. This place that we went to - was in fact, KL Hilton.

Suanie just cant wait for the dishes to be served....

For the whole month of March 2010, KL Hilton's Chinese restaurant - CHYNNA will be featuring an array of unique and premium (as well as rare) freshwater fishes and seafood options from various rivers of Pahang, Perak as well as Sarawak.

MyHorng and Mr Gerard Walker.
I actually thought I heard his name was Gerard Butler - but anyways, meet the Director of F&B of KL Hilton. A nice and friendly guy - but not as friendly as Chef Lam. WHY? Read on for more details...

Lets proceed to the fish story anyways...

Steamed Pineapple Fish.
The name of the fish is actually very special - in fact, the fish was named as the 'Ong Lai' fish because of its similarities in shape to the fruit. Chef Lam had made sure the steaming process was perfect - to ensure the texture of the fish and the taste + the aroma were all in perfect condition. The fish was indeed very tasty - you could taste the freshness from the moment you sink your teeth into those delicious meat...

The Pineapple fish also came with very large scales - of which Chef Lam deep fried them into a very crispy and crunchy side dish - I could hear Suanie chewing 'krok krok krok' in her mouth... oooo yummyz....

The Yellow Curry Patin King.
The usual recommendation is with the Empurau Fish which is caught from the upper streams of the Kapit River in Sarawak - but Chef Lam substituted our fish with the patin king or patin wong - which turned out to be JUSTTT AS GOODDD!!! Together with a combination of eggplant, cabbage, tofu as well as green beans, the yellow curry also managed to bring out the freshness of the freshwater fish - it made the fish so juicy and super deliciousss!!!!

The 'Spicy and Sour' Patin King.
The 3rd and final fish dish of the meal was also cooked with the Patin Wong. Mind you - I've never tasted such good 'spicy and sour' fish before - and one thing I conclude is that - the sauce was truly awesomesauce!!!

MyHorng and Chef Lam.
See what I mean - Chef Lam is A LOT MORE FRIENDLY compared to Gerard.

Apart from the above 3 special styles of cooking, the Chef Lam whom I mentioned above - he's also the Executive Chinese Chef - will also present 2 other methods of preparing the fishes, as inspired by the Orang Aslis. Each and every method above enhances the rich and fresh flavours of the 100% wild-caught freshwater fishes. Adding onto that, Chef Lam also mentioned that these fishes are healthy and have various nutritional values - such as the Omega-3 fatty acids - which can lower the risk of heart attacks as well as elevating moods and help prevents certain cancers, cognitive decline and eye diseases.

The above promotion is only available throughout the month of March 2010 only - and is priced competitively at RM 180 onwards per kg. I think this price is considered to be very reasonable - bearing in mind most outside restaurants would already charge similar figures.

I must thank the 2 hot ladies at KL Hilton for this treat first!

I seriously cant wait for March to come - its about 4 more weeks to go - and I think I will definitely go back there with the #PorkGang to try it out!!!

Chynna, KL Hilton
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2264 2592/2696

Reservations: Yes
Set Meals: Yes
Use of MSG: I think so
Outdoor Section: No
Smoking Section: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Baby Chairs: Yes
Separate Bar: Yes
Car Valet: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Credit Cards: Mastercard/Visa


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