Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dinner at Fitou.

The time has come again for Chinese New Year - and since this is the 1st time the official #PorkGang is spending the CNY together, so we decided to have a pre-CNY dinner just before everyone heads off to balik kampung.

The chosen venue - Fitou, Desa ParkCity.
I had earlier called to book a table for 10 - but subsequently changed to 12 - and then changed again to 14 - as I had expected FireAngel to come too (but she FFK lor). Anyways, the table - for 'trademark' purposes was booked under the name of 'PorkGang'.

One of the favourite dishes of the night - Country Farmer Salad.
As modelled by JacJac hehe.. anyways, it was indeed really popular. If I'm not mistaken, Cheesie, Amanda as well as Kim all ordered this... wow... we really know how to exploit a dish when its really very good...

Those that attended that night...
Cheesie, KY, Kim, ST (carrying #Koyuki), Kerol, Taka, Horny, Selina + friend, Amanda, myself, JacJac, Haze and David. 14 of us in total - and the notable absentees were Suan, God and Ruby. Ohh... and FA too. FFK kings.

Some other dishes...
The garlic escargot were pretty good too - served with some toasted bread. Ohh.. look at the bottom pic - thats the super awesomesauce tasty delicious pasta carbonara. Italian pasta with pork bacon... What else can you ask for? I ordered this - and I was actually prepared to order a second one.

After the awesome dinner, some of us proceeded to walk the park with the beloved cutie furkids.

Here are the furkids who were there...

Truly special, and the VIP. She was sitting on a chair for like the longest. Then only Ally came along. Hehe...

Ally, Cheddie, EmoQQ and EmoCharlie.
I still cant tell who is who between QQ and Charlie - so I shall let you all guess. All in - 14 humans + 6 doggies... awesomesauce..

Now I'm looking forward to the real #PorkGang Chinese New Year dinner.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year!


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