Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shark Fin House.

The other day the family went out for a nice get-together lunch, just before CNY is over - and we headed to this place at Jalan Barat, KL; this road is actually off Jalan Imbi, on the same road as Imbi Palace Restaurant - this place is famous for shark fin - hence, the name Shark Fin House.

The place used to be home to the 1st Tai Thong restaurant (if I'm not mistaken) ages ago - and now it houses the Shark Fin House. The Shark Fin House is part of the Oriental group; a large food chain comprising other famous restaurants too, such as the Noble House (Jalan Delima), Ming Room (BSC), Oriental Pavilion (Jaya33) to name a few.

I'm just going to highlight my shark fin order - cos I didnt really eat any other thing.

The shark fin and abalone that were on the trolley.
The raw shark fin and abalone were displayed as though it was dim sum; and you could choose your own piece. Choose your style of cooking and so on. Plus - the choice of shark fin is really entirely yours - so you can choose to eat 1kg of shark fin if you want to (or if you can afford to).

This piece of shark fin here weighs about 130g.
I'm not sure how they weigh it - but for the entire family (7 of us all) - we selected about 400g worth of shark fin and we all chose our own cooking methods. It was really quite an experience - the abalones looked really juicy too and also really large - but I didnt feel like abalone that day, so I just settled for the shark fin.

One more for the camera!!!!!!

The menu - specially for the shark fin only.
Just follow the instructions carefully.

1. Choose the Shark Fin packages from the trolley.

2. Choose preferred method of preparation.

3. Eat while its hot!

Double boiled with shark's bone soup and bamboo pith.
This is the one that my sister Nee ordered. The soup was really tasty and refreshing - and the shark fin was just perfectly done in the soup. Brilliant choice.

The special 'kon loh' shark fin preparation.
While the usual method of preparation is in 'soup' form, I decided to opt for the dry preparation - hence the kon loh style. It was like eating some 'tang hoon' with very little gravy; with some crab meat too. Value added - the dish came with a nice 'herbal' soup too on the side.

I was busy eating - so didnt get to take pics of the other methods of preparation. But I didnt miss out on this one though...

The very special chicken wing.

Have you tried fried chicken wing before? I'm sure you have. How about glutinous rice? I'm sure you have as well. What about glutinous rice - stuffed in a small tiny chicken wing? This is actually really really good too. Truly awesomesauce!

I think I need to go there again soon - too good to miss out!

Reservations: Preferably
Set Meals: Yes
Use of MSG: Yes
Outdoor Section: No
Smoking Section: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Baby Chairs: Yes
Separate Bar: No
Car Valet: Yes
Private Rooms: Yes
Credit Cards: Mastercard/Visa


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