Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Awesomesauce Pork Bacon @ Restoran Yakiniku.

Can you guess what is this?

THIS ABOVE - was above our table at this simple neighbourhood grill restaurant - its actually a kitchen hood; sucks out all the smoke from the grill to give its customers a much more pleasant and refreshing experience with their grills.

Where's this place?

The restaurant is called Restoran Yakiniku - located somewhere in Cheras Pandan Indah; its pretty close to MRR2, and just round the corner from the famous Steven's Corner - heres the address anyways.

Restoran Yakiniku
20G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8
Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur
Contact - 03 - 4295 4833

OR just try to read my map lor ok...

See the map - very easy to go only!!!

So, last week, the #PorkGang - or at least - 10 of us - headed onto Pandan Indah to check out this place. At first, I thought it was quite difficult to find - but then suddenly, the place was just in front of us. I even had a front row parking spot. As you enter the restaurant, you'll find that the place looks really cosy, and the typical neighbourhood type of restaurants. The decor is considerably quite old-school,

The entrance statement.
From outside, it looks very traditional. Inside, you'll find there are actually a lot of Chinese elements. It is actually opened by a few Chinese fellas, who used to work in Japan.

Pet friendly - yeyyy Fatty and Ally can go 'kai kai'!!!
Kim brought along Charlie - who isnt really emo anymore (hehe last time called #emocharlie marr) - and of course, I brought along my dear furkids Fatty and Ally. Fatty was being a little emo that day - whilst Ally was just super happy to have tagged along!

The other doggie who came along too...
Cheesie brought along #KoyukiMensaGanasBitch - and mind you, Koyuki was super excited on the way there! She sat in front - on my lap somewhere along the way - right next to her kaima, the gf... But the moment we got there, she was relegated to under the chairs, underneath Fatty and Ally.

Some of the other #PorkGang members who were there...
KY, God, Kerol and ST - Haze was actually late. She stays like 5 mins from the place - but yet she got there like an hour late!

Alright enough with the people already - lets see some FOOOODD!!! Nom nom nom! =)

First, an array of drinks that we ordered... they had some very nice milkshake too!

The stove to cook on.
One main unique thing about the stove is that... your food will be cooked over charcoal - most other places uses gas cookers, or those non-stick grills. Here, your food is guaranteed to have the best flavour as it is 'charcoal-grilled'!

First - the non meat dishes first.
We had the awesome New Zealand Green Shell mussels (cost only RM 12.90), the golden mushroom (only RM 4.50), Korean kimuchi (RM 3.90), the katsu udon (RM 12.80), the kimchi fried rice as well as the RM2.30 tofu pok!!! Check out the prices in the brackets - I seriously think you cant get any of this any cheaper anywhere else!

Oh... then came the Pork Bacon.
The plate of pork bacon only costed us RM 5.90! TALK ABOUT VALUE FOR MONEY!!! The bacon was so good, and being #PorkGang - of course we had our 2nd rounds! The dipping sauce for the grilled meats was apparently a secret recipe of their own - and it really compliments the meal very much!

Apart from pork, the gang had other meats as well.
On the left is Kim's favourite - the Chicken gizzard! The Australian strip loins was also very affordable at RM 15.90 a plate - and then theres the Lamb shoulder for RM 6.90 a plate. The marination and the service offered at the restaurant was really good - and this is one place that I would definitely return soon.

Oh, check out some of their other meats too!

Pork lean meat - RM 5.90
Squid - RM 6.90
Chicken drumstick fillet - RM 5.90
Lamb leg - RM 9.90
Lamb loin - RM 12.90
Tiger prawns - RM 12.90
...ohh... and for the adventurous ones, go for the RM 3.90 pig hearts!

Hehe... #porkgang being #porkgang - we had some charsiew too!!!

The special Japanese styled char siew rice.
Topped with some special char siew sauce, egg, and some salad vegetable on the side. BEST!

Reservations: I think better call first!
Set Meals: Yes - grill sets.
Use of MSG: Maybe
Outdoor Section: No
Smoking Section: The signs say no, but actually can.
Pet Friendly: YES!
Baby Chairs: I didnt see one.
Separate Bar: No
Car Valet: No
Private Rooms: No
Credit Cards: Yes


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