Monday, March 29, 2010

Four Seasons Restaurant, CapSquare.

I used to live on Queensway in London. Back then, I would have 5 dinners a week at this favourite place of mine called the Four Seasons Restaurant - it was voted as the Best Roast Duck in Europe back in 2000 or 1999, and I think it is still as good!!!

Recently they opened a new branch in Malaysia - right here at CapSquare. Okay lah - maybe not so recent, probably 1 year + ago, but it never stopped me from going there every once in awhile to have my dosage of Four Seasons' Roast Duck!!!

Anyways, recently, together with 2 of my colleagues, we headed to KL for a little 'land scouting' session - and then in between, we slotted in a lunch at Four Seasons!

The awesomesauce roast duck.
For some reason, I think the roast duck was a little bit over-oily this time around - the taste is still good, but you just cant eat that many pieces when its so oily.

The Roast Pork.
On that day, the roast pork was really very good! The meat was soft and juicy - not too oily, unlike the roast duck; and then the skin's crispyness was just nice! Almost perfect I would say..

Fried aubergine with salted fish.
The meal would have too much of meat if it wasnt for this - I had to try out their fried brinjal / aubergine - and I thought, frying it with salted fish would be good. And fair enough - it was pretty good too. And pretty value for money as well!

I think this was fried kai lan.
Standard stuffs - simple, easy and considerably affordable.

Four Seasons Restaurant, CapSquare.
Lot G16 & G17
No. 7, Persiaran Capital Square
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2698 9393

Reservations: Preferably yes, especially for the ducks!
Set Meals: Yes
Use of MSG: I think so
Outdoor Section: Yes
Smoking Section: Yes - at the smoking section
Pet Friendly: Maybe at nights only, outside section
Baby Chairs: Yes
Separate Bar: No
Car Valet: No
Private Rooms: No
Credit Cards: Yes

If you think my review of the above is not good enough, how about checking out some others!


"...It was definitely the juiciest and yummiest ever roast duck, I tasted. Not sure what was the secret? Were the ducks bigger and better???, I used to ponder..."

Memoirs of a Chocoholic

"...The "siew yoke" : Tender meat, melt in mouth fatty layer and crispy skin. :) The "char siew" : Tender meat, nice "bbq" taste and not too sweet. :)"


"...Our order of half duck (Rm 25++) arrived shortly. The glistening dark brown skin says it all. The meat is so moist and tender that it crumbles nicely as you bite into it. The only downside would be the duck, appear to be a little skinny with little fats beneath the not so crispy skin...."

Food 4 Thot

"...Looks pretty good. Jeremy thinks it's delicious. The skin was ok, not as crisp as I would like, and the meat was solid. At some parts, a tad dry. Maybe my expectations was way too high...."

"...The Roast Duck was tender, not hard like some of the ones you get at other restaurants. However, I felt that there was something missing. I realised, it might be the fat. The ducks here in Malaysia aren’t as fat as those in the UK, so the meat was not as succulent..."


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