Friday, April 30, 2010

Bak Kut Teh @ Sem Kim, Jalan Ipoh.

I had always been a fan of bak kut teh - and as you can see from my size as well as awesome body shape - you know I dont lie. Sometime ago - I did a little research on bak kut teh places - and I concluded that there are perhaps only a handful of good bak kut teh restaurants around.

One of these places - is of course, the once-very-famous, Restaurant Sem Kim - located opposite the famous McCurry place along Jalan Ipoh. Dont know where McCurry is? This is next to the Tan Chong Motors.

The oil rice - yau fan.
Not many places does the 'yau fan' as good as this place - and be sure you are there early enough to order the yau fan. If you were to go after certain hours, the yau fan might be sold out!

The special customized bak kut teh.
You can customized the bak kut teh as you like - like most places. Choose between the '3-layer half fat half thin', 'fah yuk', mushrooms etc etc.. and my personal favourite - the pork balls. Yes, they actually have pork balls for their bak kut teh.

One more good look at the bak kut teh.
I mentioned that this is perhaps one of the better places around. Why? I've tried all in - at least about 40 different bak kut teh places around the whole Klang Valley. Some the soup were too salty, some too sweet, some too thick, some overly herbalicious, some just didnt have the taste. This - was actually almost perfect - the soup was just nice (maybe a little salty for some), the taste was about right and the herb smell was just enough.

I dunno what this is called in English - but its called 'lou chu yok'.
Not many places have this - and this dish is not for those who only want lean meat. Its fattening, its filthy and best part is - its really really damn good!!!!!

Last but not least - yau char kueh and fu chuk to go with the soup.
This one is standard stuffs lah... just go and try their bak kut teh ok!

Reservations: Not required.
Set Meals: Nope.
Use of MSG: Dont think so.
Outdoor Section: Err... its a coffee shop.
Smoking Section: Nope - cos the whole shop also can smoke wan.. =)
Pet Friendly: Yes.
Baby Chairs: I didnt see one, but I think got lor..
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No - but parking is pretty easy.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: No.

Here's a little location map of Restoran Sem Kim, Jalan Ipoh.


Adrian said...

hrms... do you have the directions to restoran hing keat, kg jawa? a friend recommended the place and this is the only makan blog that mentions it.

p/s: y'all forgot to mention boston baru! oldie but goodie! :)

Eric said...

It is located off the main road along Kampung Jawa, Klang.
1) If you come from Federal Highway, after toll, go straight. 1st viaduct, go up.
2) At roundabout, turn left. (condos in front).
3) When you reach traffic lights, take left. There’ll be shoplots on the left. Go straight.
4) At traffic lights, turn right.
5) You’ll come to a T-junction, turn left there.
6) Travel down that road, quite a distance.
7) Shop is on your right so you’ll have to keep a lookout (at a curvy part of the road).
8) This shop is sandwiched btw a house and another shop.(the whole area is called Kampung Jawa)

Adrian said...

Sweet, thanks for the dirs! Will defo check it out sometime soon.

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