Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ka Wha Korean BBQ, Bangsar.

Since I've been blogging about bringing my furkids Fatty and Ally out a lot, how about another one to add to the record? Here's another place that welcomes doggies freely - Fatty and Ally even got to sit around on the sofa!!! So far, I've brought them out to many different places, hence I've created a new Tag called 'Schnauzer Friendly'. If you think your dogs are as cute as my Fatty and Ally, I believe these places would welcome your dogs too =)

This place is actually upstairs of Mak Koh Restaurant at Jalan Telawi 2 in Bangsar. What is it called? Its called Ka Wha - Korean BBQ Restaurant.

Ally was wearing her cone, but we thought it would be nice to bring her out.
Ally was sitting on the chair, next to the gf - and she was basically just waiting to grab some food if she could... eeesh so naughty!!!

Fatty was meanwhile sitting with me...
A very happy Fatty - sat next to me and watched me cook... hehe yes, I can cook you know! Especially when its simple grilling... its pretty easy!

It was just two of us; and the buffet was RM 48 per pax.
The food was free flow, order as much as you can eat from the menu. Those above were the ready cooked ones - and it tasted alright.. Kimchi, deep fried pork pieces and a stewed pork.

The raw meats - ready to grill.
I ordered the pork slices - when grilled, it actually tasted very much like bacon. In fact, the pork strips was the best tasting dish I would say! The gf ordered the lamb - which took a lot longer to cook. Chicken was pretty good too. Importantly, you need to dip your grilled meat in the sour/salty powder thingy - topped with some sesame oil... Awesomesauce!!!! =)

Watch how I cook the pork slices....
You can see how attentive Fatty was... just staring at me...

Ka Wha Korean BBQ
20-1, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
03 2184 7762

Reservations: not required!
Set Meals: No, buffet for RM48 per pax.
Use of MSG: Maybe.
Outdoor Section: No
Smoking Section: Yes.
Pet Friendly: YES!
Baby Chairs: I didnt see one, but I think got lor..
Separate Bar: No
Car Valet: Err yes if you consider those at Jalan Telawi.
Private Rooms: No
Credit Cards: Yes


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