Saturday, May 29, 2010

Restoran Richwell Seafood.

One thing that I hate doing is deciding what to eat - I mean, I am quite a choosy and demanding person when it comes to food. I like variety in my food; I like easy parking; I like nice roads; I like nice atmosphere and so on and so forth. One thing I also hate is looking for a place to eat that is near my office!!! =D

Recently, I checked out this place - which is just minutes away from my office. This place is called Restoran Richwell Seafood - located at the corner of Jalan 19/3 - this is the same row as the Restoran Greenview (good place for crabs) and exactly opposite the Nanking Court Vegetarian Restaurant. Generally - if you use the Rothman's Roundabout to get to SS2, you wont miss this restaurant. =)

The main dish - sang har mee.
I forgotten what the full name was - but it is indeed their signature dish. If you like sang har mee, then you'll like Richwell's version of the sang har mee. Its not the typical conventional type - but its damn good. (for the normal type, just head down to Restoran Greenview - just further down...) I'm giving this an above average 7.5/10.

The chicken floss eggplant.
I am quite a lover of eggplant or brinjal - and of course, I am a fan of chicken floss too! Having a mixture of both is a little over-doing it - but then it turned out to be pretty delicious too! If only I ordered beer with this, then it would've been perfect for me! =P

The delicious tung poh yoke. =)
Taste the delicious 3-layered pork chunks, cooked to perfection in this tung poh yoke style. Really awesomes and tasty =) Try it - and I bet you'll love it too.

The 'man tao'.
I have tried a lot of better mantaos elsewhere - and frankly speaking, the mantaos here would go down as amongst the worst. The tung poh yoke was pretty good - but they didnt have a good mantao to match it. =(

Restoran Richwell Seafood
24G & 26G, Jalan 19/3,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Reservations: Not necessary.
Set Meals: Dont think so...
Use of MSG: Should be...
Outdoor Section: Yes =)
Smoking Section: Yes.
Pet Friendly: Possibly, at the outside section.
Baby Chairs: Yes.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Maybe?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33.

There's one place that is strategically close to my office - and it serves some really good food. It is of course, this Chinese restaurant called Oriental Pavilion, situated on the 1st floor of Jaya 33. This restaurant is part of the famous Oriental Group of Restaurants - which includes places like Noble House in Jalan Delima, Ming Room at BSC as well as the Shark Fin House at Imbi.

This time at Oriental Pavilion - I decided to bring my friend who just came back from Bali to head over there. I think she probably misses some good Chinese food =)

Roast pork, or siew yoke.
It may not be as good as the one at Jalan Nyonya in Kuala Lumpur - but it ranks very high in comparison to the rest that I have tried. In fact, for restaurant siew yokes - Oriental Pavilion Jaya33 does it very well and almost perfect.

Delicious char siew.
Once again, I'm ordering char siew. The char siew here would be 100 times better than the one at Ah Yat Abalone Forum or in fact, even better than that. Still not as good as the ones at Sanbanto - but its still very very good. I would order it everytime! =P

Crispy aromatic duck.
Yes I know - I'm eating the same stuffs again. What to do - I just love my roast duck. Hahaha. I think the crispy aromatic duck here is not as good as Ah Yat's - the skin is kinda dry and the taste just lacks a bit.

While the crispy aromatic duck cannot compare to the ones at Ah Yat, the noodles that they did with the remaining duck meat was just super awesome!!! Its like 'kon chau' (dry fried) and the taste and freshness of the duck just came out perfect. Just how I like it! 8/10!

Oriental Pavilion
Jaya 33 P1-04
Jalan Semangat
46100 Petaling Jaya

Reservations: Better reserve for weekends.
Set Meals: those Chinese package for 10 pax wan lorr...
Use of MSG: Should be...
Outdoor Section: Nope =)
Smoking Section: Yes.
Pet Friendly: Unlikely.
Baby Chairs: Yes.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: Yes.
Private Rooms: VIP rooms!!!
Credit Cards: Yes of course!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ah Yat Abalone Forum.

Awhile back, on one of the boring boring Sundays, I brought the gf and a couple of other friends to these place very close to my office. Its located at Section 13 - next to Unique Seafood Restaurant and on the same row as Celcom and Tan Chong Motors.

The place - was called Ah Yat Pao Yu or rather, Ah Yat Abalone Forum. (not taken from Ah Yat of ya)

Delicious char siew pao...
Not many places does char siew pao like they do; apart from Restoran Kee Heong in Taman Megah (the one that's the coffee shop style), I think Ah Yat's char siew pao ranks amongst the top 5 char siew paos that I have ever had. It was good, the meat was succulent, and it was pretty filled up - unlike some places which is more flour than meat.

Char Siew...
The char siew would never ever be compared to those that I've tried at Sanbanto or Seremban Favourites - but I just ordered it for the taste lor.. Plus, char siew is served pretty fast =)

The awesome lao sar pao.
Sink your teeth into the middle of the pao and you'll get all the paste oozing out... just the way I like it!!!

Siew mai.
I would say this was above average - but I have had a lot of better ones. But when you are hungry, these tastes just as good as anywhere.

The delicious aromatic duck - or heong sou arp
Take the skin, and then they cook the meat differently. I opted for the duck meat noodles - which was fair. The skin though - was just plain too good. If I had a choice, I would order this everytime I am there. =D

The other stuffs - some popiah thingy, salad prawns, loh bak kou and the duck noodles.
Had to eat some other stuffs as well lor horr apart from the above goodies.. these were not too bad I guess - above average to say the least. All in - the meal for the 5 of us came to about RM180. Hehe nevermind - it was my treat mar... =)

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant
Lot 9B, Jalan Kemajuan
Section 13
Petaling Jaya

Reservations: Technically no need, but perhaps during the weekend...
Set Meals: those Chinese package for 10 pax wan lorr...
Use of MSG: Maybe lor...
Outdoor Section: Nope =)
Smoking Section: Yes.
Pet Friendly: Highly unlikely.
Baby Chairs: Yes.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: Yes.
Private Rooms: VIP rooms!!!
Credit Cards: Yes of course!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sushi Tei's Fried Chicken Skin.

A few years back, I discovered this place that sells some really awesome snack - this place, called M Tucky however was located too damn far away - in the food courts of Gurney Drive on Penang Island!!! M Tucky sells some awesome delicious fried chicken skin - and every time I go to Penang, I will definitely stop by to get some of these awesomeness!

So, where do I go for my fried chicken skin fix when I'm in KL/PJ? Mind you, I had been looking all over the place for some fried chicken skin, but I supposed its such an unhealthy delicacy that not many places have it; hence the rareness. I have gone to most of the backlanes and pasar malams all over KL and PJ in search of my favourite snack but disappointment filled me every time.

Until recently. When this new shopping mall opened in SS2 area.

Delicious crispy fried chicken skin. Truly heavenly.

Sushi Tei is located at the ground floor of Tropicana City Mall. In fact, you wont miss it at all, it is exactly right next to the Kenny Rogers Roasters. Okay I'm not gonna talk too much about Sushi Tei or its other dishes/food - today's main event is seriously just this... their FRIED CHICKEN SKIN!

Tried it if you havent, but dont fall in love with it ok...
Yes, pls dont fall in love with it after you've tried it. Even though Sushi Tei have it, they not necessarily have it everyday. And even when they do, they come in limited stock. So, I dont really want too many people competing with me to fight for my fried chicken skin... hehehe =P

Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
Tel:03 7728 4299

Monday, May 17, 2010

Isaki Japanese Restaurant, Hartamas.

Onto another Schnauzer-friendly outing - this time we headed down to one of my favourite places to bring Fatty and Ally - Isaki Japanese BBQ Restaurant at Sri Hartamas. We had been here a couple of times already; and here I am - finally blogging about it.

The happy furkids - Ally and Fatty - always enjoy going out with us!!! =)

Salmon sashimi, spider maki, barbequed chicken and barbequed pork.
The salmon, although a little pricey, was thick and just nice. You can taste the freshness in it all. Spider maki is of course - soft shell crab. You just cant go wrong with soft shell crab and pork. The chicken was above average too. =P

Something that looks like pigs in a blanket...
They used bacon to wrap the stuffings - the stuffings was a mixture of pork meat and some vegetable.. and the one on the right - barbequed chicken skin... ooooo nais =)

Sister wanted soup - so I ordered this steamboat combo...
The broth is just average only - I never actually liked Japanese soups wan, all those miso soup or whatever other soup all just taste bad. This one - okay lah, average. The meats and vege inside the soup was enough to fit a whole family of 6 lor ok... big portions..

Last but not least - the black sesame ice cream to cap the dinner!! =)

Reservations: Not required.
Set Meals: Dont think so.
Use of MSG: Perhaps...
Outdoor Section: Yes, thats the pet friendly section.
Smoking Section: Most of it.
Pet Friendly: If your dogs are as cute and obedient as Fatty and Ally =)
Baby Chairs: Didnt notice.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Yes.

Isaki Japanese Restaurant,
1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7/70A,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6203 5562

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie.

On the Saturday, I had to work at the office - and by the time I was done, it was already quite late. As usual, I would take a little drive around town to check out my project sites. This day was no different - so together with Fatty and Ally - drove down to KL; to check out on my work as well as to look for some lunch...

...and then we came across this place.
I was trying to avoid the Jalan Tun Razak jams by heading into the small roads behind Pasar Imbi - and then I came past this place. Its called LeVain Boulangerie . Patisserie. From one look from outside - I knew that I was going to like this place.

...of course, the only problem would be if they allowed Fatty and Ally...

The seats - choose from sitting inside or outside.
If you watched Its Complicated - this place somehow gives that same feeling as what Meryl Streep had in her cafe in the movie. Cosy feeling. I felt this place was even better than Carcosa Seri Negara's garden side cafe too... except they didnt have the scones...

An excellent array of pastry selection..
Freshly stone oven baked pastries, with a nice selection of cakes, sandwiches and beverages - choose what you want from the aisles and then go to the counter. I was spoilt for choice, dunno what to eat cos most of the stuffs there look so gooodddd =)

...and of course, they welcomed Fatty and Ally too!!!
Had to sit outside cos it would not be convenient inside. I understand that - plus with all the pastries exposed openly, it would not be very hygienic for the rest of the patrons if Fatty and Ally were in there... (not as though they are dirty though... maybe dusty.. or got fur..)

Ordered the tuna sandwich...
This was served cold. The tuna still tasted very fresh and very good indeed.

The turkey ham+egg pizza-like pastry + the custard donut.
The turkey ham pastry was so good and tasty. The custard donut - that was heavenly as well.

The toasted chicken sandwich.
Served hot - the sandwich came with a WHOLE CHICKEN THIGH in between. Wow. Thats just plain awesomesauce =P For this, I would personally come back here again and again...

...and as usual, Ally gives us her cuteeeee face in hope of some food...

(in which they had plenty!!!!!!)

The girls finished all the sugar bites - they just loved it so much too!!! =)

For those of you who dont know where this is - here's the map.

LeVain Boulangerie . Patisserie
No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
03 - 2142 6611

Reservations: Not required.
Set Meals: Nope.
Use of MSG: I dunno if you can use MSG in bread...
Outdoor Section: Yes, cosy and chilling in fact!
Smoking Section: Outside section lorr...
Pet Friendly: If your dogs are as cute and obedient as Fatty and Ally =)
Baby Chairs: Didnt notice.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Not sure.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill, Traders Hotel.

Fancy a little bit of luxury? How about checking out the Gobo Lounge at Traders Hotel? Traders is located within the KLCC vicinity, yes, the one right next to ExxonMobil building.

The stylish elegance at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill is ideal for intimate dinners and special celebrations. Framed by views of the spectacular Petronas Twin Towers, guests can savor cuisine uniquely prepared by Chef Irwin Chan. In addition to serving the best steak in town, Gobo Upstairs offers an extremely impressive cocktail list and an expansive wine selection.

The cocktails.
There were like a whole long list of cocktails on the menu - but I just forgot what the gf ordered - I just ordered a simple margarita. Verdict - good choices, good prices, and orgasmic experience with the cocktails. A very good 9/10.

The soup of the day...
It was a seafood chowder soup. Have a taste of delicious seafood - prawns, squids, clams etc etc all in this soup. Thick texture - perfect for those western soup lovers; awesome aroma... just how I like it =) A very good 8/10.

Sorry ah... totally forgotten what this is called. A little bit cold, but it was still damn good. 8/10.

My grilled prawns.
If you like eating PRAWNS as much as I do - then this would be almost the perfect place to come for grilled prawns. Delicious huge prawns, marinated to perfection and grilled into such golden colours... once again, just how I liked it. 9/10.

The food was delicious and awesome; the bill however, wasnt. The bill came up to like... wow... not as expensive as Senses KL Hilton - but I would say, close to liao. Hehe...

Traders Hotel
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
03 2332 9888

Reservations: You should...
Set Meals: Maybe for special occasions only.
Use of MSG: Maybe lor...
Outdoor Section: Nope =)
Smoking Section: I think so.
Pet Friendly: Highly unlikely.
Baby Chairs: Dont think so.
Separate Bar: Yes.
Car Valet: Yes.
Private Rooms: Didnt noticed.
Credit Cards: Yes of course!

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