Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sushi Tei's Fried Chicken Skin.

A few years back, I discovered this place that sells some really awesome snack - this place, called M Tucky however was located too damn far away - in the food courts of Gurney Drive on Penang Island!!! M Tucky sells some awesome delicious fried chicken skin - and every time I go to Penang, I will definitely stop by to get some of these awesomeness!

So, where do I go for my fried chicken skin fix when I'm in KL/PJ? Mind you, I had been looking all over the place for some fried chicken skin, but I supposed its such an unhealthy delicacy that not many places have it; hence the rareness. I have gone to most of the backlanes and pasar malams all over KL and PJ in search of my favourite snack but disappointment filled me every time.

Until recently. When this new shopping mall opened in SS2 area.

Delicious crispy fried chicken skin. Truly heavenly.

Sushi Tei is located at the ground floor of Tropicana City Mall. In fact, you wont miss it at all, it is exactly right next to the Kenny Rogers Roasters. Okay I'm not gonna talk too much about Sushi Tei or its other dishes/food - today's main event is seriously just this... their FRIED CHICKEN SKIN!

Tried it if you havent, but dont fall in love with it ok...
Yes, pls dont fall in love with it after you've tried it. Even though Sushi Tei have it, they not necessarily have it everyday. And even when they do, they come in limited stock. So, I dont really want too many people competing with me to fight for my fried chicken skin... hehehe =P

Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
Tel:03 7728 4299


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