Sunday, June 27, 2010


One of my most favourite places to go makan whenever I am at a shopping centre would be... Dragon i. I never thought that these 'siew long pao' can be commercialized so much - together with the 'la mien'; and here, DRAGON-i have successfully made it into a massive chainwork that spans so many different branches..

It is the success of Dragon-i that has led to so many different other la mien or siew long pao restaurants to spring out from nowhere. But I still go for the original.

The salted egg prawns.
This is without fail the dish that I would most definitely order, 10 times out of 10. It is actually quite costly, but once you taste it - you wont mind paying for it. In fact - you may even order more. The salted egg tasted just nice, not too wet nor too dry, and every bite of the prawns are filled with some good salted egg.

The delicious orgasmic siew long pao.
I've tried the siew long pao at various other similar styled chainworks - and DRAGON-i's has got to be the best in the market. No questions about that. =)

...and then last but not least, the fried rice.
Once again, I dont really fancy fried rice outside except if they have salted fish, but the DRAGON-i's fried rice is pretty good. You should go try it.

Reservations: Not too sure!
Set Meals: Yes for lunch I think.
Use of MSG: Most likely.
Outdoor Section: Some of the branches got.
Smoking Section: No
Pet Friendly: No
Baby Chairs: Yes
Separate Bar: No
Car Valet: Yes, for some shopping centres.
Private Rooms: No
Credit Cards: Yes

Thursday, June 17, 2010

El Meson, Bangsar.

On my birthday this year - I decided to take up Bangsarbabe's recommendation - and check out this place so close to my home - called El Meson in Bangsar. It was really funny - the moment I got there, I didnt know what to order. Hence, I called up BangsarBabe - and then she just said, "Come, pass the phone to the waiter..." - Knowing how she orders, I decided to decline that bit - afraid that she might just over order.. hehehe... =)

Awesome pigs in a blanket.
Take a pork sausage - wrap it in a piece of pork bacon. You can never go wrong with it. 9/10.

Forgotten what its called - but its like the roast suckling pig.
If you compare it to the Chinese style - I would say the Chinese style is nicer - and less oily than this. But compare this to another roast piglet that I had before at El Cerdo, this one is thumbs up. Overall, this makes an above average 7/10.

I personally think that the soup was just overrated. LOL =)

The pork burger.
The portions were amazingly huge - it could easily feed 2 little ladies anytime. But to me - I gladly finished it. LOL =) The pork burger was much better than a few other places that I have tried previously - this one is pretty crunchy, and best part is - it was not that oily. Together with some melted cheese and the pork bacon - the pork burger was a close 9/10.

BangsarBabe specifically told me to order this - the chocolate molten lava cake. I never regretted ordering it - in fact, it was so rich in chocolate, that I almost immediately had a sore throat right after eating it. =P This is a very good 8.5/10.

Overall, I enjoyed the ambience and most of the food there. Thank you Bangsarbabe for the recommendations!!!

El Meson espanol
No. 61-63,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru
03 22828290

Reservations: Not required...
Set Meals: Lunchtime perhaps?
Use of MSG: Should be.
Outdoor Section: Corridor type...
Smoking Section: Yes.
Pet Friendly: Havent asked yet, maybe can =)
Baby Chairs: Should have.
Separate Bar: Yes.
Car Valet: Yes - Bangsar Village 2 valet lorr...
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Yes.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

KISSATEN Coffee & Restaurant, IOI Boulevard.

*apologize for the blurry photos - taken with iPhone.

The other day, we decided to check out the new place in Puchong - it was a nice commercial hub in the area; developed by IOI - hence the name IOI Boulevard. There were quite a number of restaurant choices from there - there was my all-time favourite coffee place - Pacific Coffee House, and then there are other ones like a German bierhaus, a Korean fine diner, and so on.

But we decided to check out Kissaten Coffee & Restaurant. And we were NOT disappointed at all. =)

As a lover of pork - I ordered the pork burger. And this is my pork burger.
I ordered the pork burger - it was awesome and it was pretty heavenly. This is a must try when you go to Kissaten for a meal. I would give it a 8/10. =P

Lainey ordered the udon set.
The set was less than RM20 - it came with a bowl of udon, the dumplings and a green tea. Talk about value for money!!!!! Pretty good stuffs... =D

Oysters, sausages, dumplings and fried prawns.
The oysters were baked with cheese - quite a good dish for a starter. The sausages were plain heavenly - but to admit, I have had better ones. This one here is above average. The dumplings - actually I dont know what its called - was simple and tasty. The fried prawns... I'm not a fan of it. But Lainey and the gf both liked it a lot =)

KISSATEN Coffee & Restaurant
D-G-57&58, block D,
I0I Boulevard, Jln Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya

Do check out their Facebook page too. =)

Reservations: Dont think so.
Set Meals: Yes, for lunch and dinner.
Use of MSG: Maybe?
Outdoor Section: Yes, but avoid certain days with annoyin live band.
Smoking Section: At the outdoor section.
Pet Friendly: I will try n see next time.
Baby Chairs: Didnt noticed.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Yes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Departure Lounge, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Recently, I found this cool place to go for breakfast. This place is located very very close to this *new* coffee place that we have started to like a lot - Dr Cafe. Hehehe.. Anyways, this place here has a couple of branches, including Uptown area. I went to the branch at Solaris Mont Kiara - this place is called Departure Lounge.

This is me doing a little camwhore pic of eating mister croque.

It is quite easy to spot - it is on the same row as the specialized chicken rice shop.

Walk into the shop - and you'll be greeted with this.

It is self service - order from the counter and then they'll serve you.
Choose what you want to order from the wall menus, pay the bill and then just wait at your seats.

My order - I choose 5 items. They have their breakfast platters - 3 items, 5 or 7.
5 items and its priced at RM 11.90. I had the sausages, bacon, ham, egg and the fish fingers. (Actually the fish fingers were for Ally...)

If you like cheese - you'll definitely love this =P

I used to eat this very often back in London - they call it croque monsieur in French. They call it Mister Croque here at Departure Lounge. Pretty good. It is a combination of bread, cheese and ham all in one. =D

Lainey's order.
Also 5 items - bacon, ham, mushrooms, tomato and omelette.

We sat outside - and we had a little surprise guest!
Ally had a very good time; we didnt put her on the floor (too dirty maybe) nor did she sat on the chair. She sat down from inside her own bag retreat. Had plenty of sausages and ham... hehehhe so greedy =)

Departure Lounge

No. 10, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont’ Kiara,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:03-6203 0362

If you cant find the place - how about checking out the 4sq page of it here...

Reservations: Not necessary.
Set Meals: Yes, choose between 3, 5 or 7 items...
Use of MSG: Maybe...
Outdoor Section: Yes =)
Smoking Section: at the outdoor section...
Pet Friendly: Possibly, at the outside section.
Baby Chairs: Didnt noticed.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: Maybe?

Chicken Rice Ball, Jonker Walk, Melaka.

Few weeks back, I headed down to Melaka with my parents to check out on some work/project. Being a rare occasion down in Melaka town, I insisted that we go for the super chicken rice ball for lunch. After all - how often we go down to Melaka?

There are two main shops around here.
One of them is the one above - packed with people; and queue was pretty long. Ridiculous lor. I am not going to queue in the hot sun for some chicken rice. =P

Hence - we headed to the 2nd shop.
The 2nd shop is just minutes walk away from that famous one. The 2nd one looked much better; I think they renovated recently. Oh - by the way, the street where the chicken rice place is, is called Jonker Walk.

There are one or two other chicken rice ball shops in between - but those are not the good ones. This one here is!!!
Their specialty is of course - the Hainanese Chicken Rice balls and their Assam fish.

The chicken was soft, tender and juicy. Just how I like it! =P

The order for the three of us.
Dad eats plenty of vegetable - and that plate was practically his. We ordered the assam fish as well - and of course, the chicken rice balls. *EDITED*

I didnt count how many chicken rice balls I had - but I think I had quite a lot.

Ahhh... satisfying a 2 year craving. Havent been to Melaka in 2 years already; somehow I feel like going there again soon. =P

Reservations: Not allowed, so may have to wait.
Set Meals: Nope.
Use of MSG: Do they put that in chicken rice???
Outdoor Section: No. Unless you count the central atrium.
Smoking Section: Didnt noticed.
Pet Friendly: The place is halal - maybe not.
Baby Chairs: Didnt noticed.
Separate Bar: No.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: No.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maggi Kari Letup.

*note* this is not an ad for MAGGI or any of its related brands/products.

Anyways, I had been writing about properties and events and also doing some sketching for my last few posts - I figured I had to do something on food again. So, what do you do when you are safely at home already in the middle of the night and is too layzie to go out for a little late night supper?????

You search through your mum's kitchen cabinets...
And then you'll probably find some instant noodles. This is what I found - the Maggi Kari Letup. I usually eat Maggi mee out at the mamak stalls (usually its maggi goreng) - but this night, I was feeling really hungry. Had a late lunch and then was too full for dinner - so decided to skip it. Then come midnight - I just felt too hungry to sleep.

What do I intend to do with it? I shall cook it myself tonight.

First - I poured out the noodles and put it inside a bowl.

Next - I searched all over the kitchen for other kinds of side orders to join the Maggi instant noodles.

I found some frozen Ayamas chicken balls.
Defrosted them - and they were about to join the noodles too =)

...added a nice egg onto it as well.

Add water - chuck bowl + chicken balls + egg + water into microwave oven.

2 mins later....

Delicious Maggi Kari Letup with chicken balls and egg.

My awesome delicious super late night dinner that night.
Served together with some Malibu Pineapple.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restoran Pan Heong, Batu Caves

A few weeks back - the #PorkGang received an invitation from the awesome and hot Bangsar Babe - for a little food challenge! Okay lah - not really a food challenge - but Ms Bangsar Babe wanted us to try out this place - and you'll be surprised that she can really really eat!!! For someone her size (mind you - she's like one-third my size), she can actually eat almost as much as I do - or perhaps more.

Anyways, the invite was to this place at the Gombak area - in fact, its only minutes from Batu Caves - the place is called Restoran Pan Heong.

Guess who's the little surprise invitee.... hehehehe...
We didnt know if Ally would be allowed or not - the restaurant is not halal - but its so packed - I guess they might not like the idea of having Ally around either. Hence - Allykins had to sit in the bag.

Part of the #PorkGang...
...and as usual, all the phone addicts are busy at their phones right after the meal... =P

Those who were there... check out all the greedy faces...
(clockwise from top left) MyHorng, Bangsar Babe, Rif, Shaolin Tiger, Kimberlycun, Haze, KY and the gf. The food were being served very quickly - and in fact, it came so fast and we finished them so fast that we did not realize how much we had ate!!!

The loh mee with sang yu... fish loh mee... 1st time I try only. This is a good 7/10. can see how fast we finished it all!!!!!!

The deep fried pork slices - awesomesauce pork at its best!!! 8.5/10!

..and then there's the mee mamak - I didnt really fancy it that much - 6/10 only.

The stewed pork mihun... I would rate this as a good 8/10.

The pork was soft and succulent - not too wet, not too dry. Just nice.

...this was the frog porridge. Ewww... I didnt try it - so I wont comment on it.

..and then came the main course - the sang har wat tan hor.

Delicious fresh prawns - cooked to perfection in the egg gravy - poured over some kueh teow.

This - I would give it a 8.5/10.

Restoran Pan Heong
No. 2 Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
Medan Batu Caves, KL
Tel: 03-6187 7430

Reservations: Not required, but be prepared to wait for a table.
Set Meals: Nope.
Use of MSG: I think got lah, takkan taste so good!!!
Outdoor Section: Err... its a coffee shop.
Smoking Section: Nope - cos the whole shop also can smoke wan.. =)
Pet Friendly: Dont think so, too many people lah...
Baby Chairs: Yes..
Separate Bar: None.
Car Valet: No.
Private Rooms: No.
Credit Cards: No.

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