Friday, January 28, 2011 brings you to PACIFIC COFFEE COMPANY!

Recently, okay, not so recently, but still quite recent, IOI Properties completed their latest commercial development in Puchong - called the IOI Boulevard. =)

This one - quite canggih looking, with full aluminium facade and so on.

Guess whats on the Ground Floor of IOI Boulevard?

Yes, the Pacific Coffee Company. =P

For those of you who dont know, Pacific Coffee also has branches at Pavilion and Fahrenheit88.

Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) is a Pacific Northwest U.S.-style coffee shop group originating from Hong Kong, with a few outlets in China, Singapore and Malaysia. The group is owned by computer distributor Chevalier Pacific, formerly Chevalier iTech. It acquired the chain from founder Thomas Neir for HK$205 million in 2005.

In June 2010, China Resources Enterprise, Limited (CRE) and Chevalier have forged a partnership to further expand the Pacific Coffee business in the Chinese Mainland with CRE being a major shareholder and to have Pacific Coffee developed under the umbrella of CRE’s Retail Business Unit. Apart from its stores, PCC also sells own-brand coffee beans and Jura brand coffee machines to distributors and corporate clients, such as banks, airline companies, clubs and hotels. Its coffee beans are sold in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

Okay.... history and description aside, importantly, PACIFIC COFFEE COMPANY is in MALAYSIA!!!! N yes.... somemore got 3 branches!!!

They have plenty of cakes and pastries - freshly made daily.

An open fridge - for drinks.

Okay - lets go to their specialty... the COFFEE!!!

The aroma from the coffee.... I just love my coffee, and I would love it if Pacific Coffee Company was located right under my office!!! =)

Check out the foam... we thought the foam would subside, but this was how it was even after 15 mins. =P

An array of awesome chocolate and non-chocolate drinks.

William loves his coffee as Dale looks on...

Wingz enjoying his coffee!!! =)

Okay I apologize for putting pictures of un-appetizing men - next time I post up pics of myself more ok... but anyways, just in case the pics were unappetizing, how about checking out the deals that would make you LOVE me so much more?

Beverages that will be featured on
Espresso Mocha Chillino
Berry Frenzy Chillino
Passionfruit Chillino
Caramel Swirl

Original Price: RM 13 each...

But seriously, who goes to coffee alone?

Right now... the Deal is awesomee... it is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!

Hahah Deal: Buy 1 Free 1 for an Alto Size Chillino (That's the largest size) at only RM 13

Hahah Rewards Multiplier: Free Brewed Coffee (Worth RM 7) after 30 units are sold

Deal Period: 29 Jan 2011 - 2 Feb 2012

That's not all - try their cakes too!!!

Delicious chocolate and cheese.... =)

Blueberry cheese cake!!!

This... is a MUST TRY!!! Vanilla Butterscotch Cake!!! =P

Pacific Coffee Company
42-G, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia,
T: (603) 8070 8095. F: (603) 8070 7734

Pacific Coffee @ Pavilion
Lot No. : 2.75.00,
Level 2, The Pavilion
Tel. : 03- 2141 2646

Pacific Coffee @ Fahrenheit 88
1-03 (01) & 1-03 (02),
First Floor, Fahrenheit 88,
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
T: (603) 2141 0312. F: (603) 2141 0314

This voucher is redeemable at all Pacific Coffee Company locations (IOI Boulevard, Puchong / Fahreinheit 88 / Pavilion KL) in Malaysia only.
Validity is for two (2) months from the date of issue and expiry date is non-extendable.
E-Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or its equivalent.
E-Vouchers are limited to one (1) time redemption per person and not transferrable.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, discounts or privileges.

To get instant updates on the latest deals - check out and LIKE them on Facebook too!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011 brings you to SKEWERS!!! =)

This is a SUPER GOOD DEAL... so you must SHARE IT OK!!! =) is one of its kind - and potentially the most interesting one of its category. Hahah brings you only the best deals for fun things to do in Malaysia!!! =) If you're looking for a good deal, look no further... continue reading my post, after that, head on to and GET THE DEAL!!!

I actually missed out on their first deal - but nevermind, they have brought on another deal, a much better deal than before. This time... brings us all to SKEWERS!!! =)

If you're wondering where SKEWERS is, it is located at Subang Avenue, next to the Carrefour/Subang Parade in Subang.

A nice relaxing ambience - perfect for the after work and after college.

Chill out here with some nice perfectly priced beer too. =P

There you go - the location. Or you can continue scrolling down too =)

So... whats the all about?

Original Price of Skewers Combo: 4 Options (RM141 for 2 on choice)

...and then there's the HAHAH deal!!! =P

Hahah Deal: Buy 1 Free 1: Skewers Combo at RM 69 (Serves 2 - 3 pax/Combo)

That is NOT all... if 20 units are sold... the Hahah Rewards Multiplier kicks-in!!!
Free Soft Drinks (1 per pax)

Wait no longer.. the Deal Period is from 25th to 29th January 2011 only!!! (Tues - Sat)

Valid for 2 months from date of issue. (Date: 31st Jan 2011 – 31st Mar 2011)
You can purchase multiple vouchers so buy it as gifts or host a party! :)
Valid for dine-in only.
E-Vouchers are transferable but not redeemable for cash.
No replacement will be given for expired voucher(s)

So... what are the options available? I got a chance to try out a lot of items in there... so continue reading and start drooooling on your keyboards!!!

The beer grub fried red beancurd chicken!

The beer grub salted egg prawn fritters!!!

The signature Skewers Teriyaki chicken!

One more picture of the teriyaki chicken cos I love it so much!

The Signature Skewers Rosemary beef!!! =)

The Signature Skewers & Fryer Combo!

...and if the combo doesnt fill you up (highly doubt so)... why not TRY their burgers too!!??

The sambal fish burger - its like having nasi lemak, but without the rice. LOL.

It is pretty heavenly... also another of my favourites!!!

After eating your delicious and full dinner, go and try their desserts too!

Skewers BBQ & Grill
SG-01 Subang Avenue
Persiaran Kemajuan,
SS16 Subang Jaya

Tel: 03-5632 1368

You've seen the pictures, you've seen what I ate, and you know what's good already.

If you were to order two combos above at the shop, it'll easily cost you RM100-120 in total.

But with - you get it for HALF the price!!! RM 60 only!!!

With deals so good, you just cant stop laughing!

Go and check out their website - and also their Facebook too for more updates!!!

If you're on Twitter, why not follow as well!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel.

I dont usually enjoy going to eat at the Chinese restaurants at hotels - primarily because they are halal (Note: I enjoy pork, thats why I always prefer non-halal places LOL). However, there are a couple of hotel's Chinese restaurants which I enjoy going to recently - one of it would be Prince Hotel for TAI ZI HEEN. =)

The sign at the entrance. =)

I have blogged about here before - I tried their dim sum, and then I also had their RM1 Peking Duck!!! *woooots*

Tai Zi Heen welcomes the Year of the Rabbit 2011!!!!! =P

I like their simple table setting - it gives you quite a cosy homely feeling.

Anyways, I had a very good experience this time around... I met a few of my regular readers!!!

BUT... before I go to that, let me start with the food first...

As always, the yee sang is a CNY dish. Hence - the salmon yee sang. =) the spirit of 1Malaysia; come on lets lou sang!!! *HUAT AHHH*

The double boiled pearl shark's fin with bamboo pith and Chinese cabbage.

The bamboo pith is the spongy looking thingy, and it tasted pretty good. There were plenty of shark's fin as well, still in its comb form - the way I prefer it. I prefer to eat shark's fin in its comb form rather than in shreds cos it tends to taste nicer this way.

Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, baby abalone, sea cucumber and wok-fried greens. Not my favourite of food - cos I dont usually do greens, except for broccoli. But for Chinese New Year... the fatt choy must eat lahhh!!!

Traditional style steamed cod fish. Perhaps my most favourited dish for the night.

The cod fish was very fresh, and the Chef steamed it to perfection. 9.5/10!!!

Stir fried prawns with pumpkin sauce served on rice nest.

For some reason, I suspect there are some salted egg in there too, cos I thought I tasted it - plus it tasted damn goood!!! =)

...last but not least, the dessert!

Double boiled hasma with red dates and glutinous rice dumplings. The right refreshing dessert after a super heavy meal. =)

Here's a picture of the super nice lady who invited me, PLUS the nice guy who intro-ed me to her hahahaha.

Here's a random picture of the other table - u can see Ah Bok listening attentively.

The picture of my table LOL.

Anyways, they have 3 sets to choose from...

Chinese New Year Prosperity Set

RM 988++ for 10 pax

Chinese New Year Fortune Set

RM 1,288++ for 10 pax

Chinese New Year Wealth Set

RM 1,488 for 10 pax

Tai Zi Heen
Level 2, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shanghai, J W Marriott KL.

One of my favourite shopping centres is the Starhill Gallery. Attached to the Starhill Gallery, is this cool 5-star hotel called J W Marriott. This 29-storey, 561-room hotel is located in the heart of the exciting "Golden Triangle", the city's prime business and shopping district and is adjoining to the prestigious Starhill Gallery. It is also strategically located on "Bintang Walk", the lively and vibrant shopping strip where shopping centres house upscale brands, a vast variety of restaurants and entertainment outlets.

One of those restaurants is SHANGHAI, which is located on the 1st floor of J W Marriott.

It was my first time there, and I had read so many awesome reviews of its famous hairy crab from Sidney previously, so I was determined to try it out. When invited by Sidney, I pounced on the opportunity right away like how Ally does when she sees food!!! =P

Anyways, what is it that we're eating? It is the dishes from its Chinese New Year menu!!

The yee sang. =)

Yes... my 1st for the year.

A very special yee sang - salmon (RM148) + scallops (RM50) + tuna fish (RM80).

Most yee sang taste pretty much the same - however for this one, the combination of salmon, scallops as well as tuna fish... ooo yummyyyyzzz....

This is the pan fried glutinous rice cakes with sesame seeds.

I loved this one a lot... if only I could order more....

The famous steamed Shanghainese meat dumplings, also known as siew long pao.

The deep fried bean curd skin stuffed with French goose liver.

Just the name itself is mouthful already... wait til you try it!

The *add-on order* noodles - to fill the stomachs...

The existing food itself was pretty filling already. Add the noodles... that makes it perfect!

The fish maw soup @ RM35/bowl.

Take the soup for a refreshing start to your dinner.

The very extra special Shanghainese Pork @ RM 128/portion.

According to the Master Chef, this dish is very special, and in fact, very difficult to prepare. The little pyramid structure is actually a whole long thin slice of pork, rolled up together.

Another of my favourite dish... the stir fried eggplant with salted egg yolk!!!

Every bite is filled with a well-done stir fried eggplant with plenty of salted egg yolk to go with it! Ahhh this dish is heavenly!!!

Last but not least is the dessert.

Glutinous rice dumplings in osmanthus-flavoured rice wine... it is slightly sweet, with a twist of sourness coming from the rice wine.

After having the dessert, you'll actually feel like having more. =)

Basically we ordered from the menu, and had a good mix and match of the 3 different set menus as well as from the ala carte menu. But to keep it simple, go for the sets... it is pretty much too filling already!!! =)

Chinese New Year Menu A

RM 698++ per table of 4 persons

Chinese New Year Menu B

RM 1,588++ per table of 10 persons

Chinese New Year Menu C

RM 2,988++ per table of 10 persons

The above menu are available from now til 17th February 2011.

Shanghai Restaurant
JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur
183 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur,
55100 Malaysia

For Reservation: 603 2719 8288.

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