Sunday, February 27, 2011

Restoran Tong Yoon, Tapah, Perak.

Recently, my office just obtained a project in the small town of Tapah in Perak. Tapah is the administrative town of the district Batang Padang, Perak, Malaysia (with coordinates: 4.20°N 101.26°E). The name "Tapah" is said to be originated from the name of a fresh water fish, "Ikan Tapah". The scientific name of the fish is Wallago attu. The locals said that the name has been taken from the Malay-Perak dialect word which means "no worry".

Tapah is indeed a very small town only - whereby shops are primarily on two main roads - one being the road from the highway, and the other - is the branch-off called Jalan Stesyen - which leads to the Tapah Road. (for car/motor enthusiasts who knows of the Kampung Gajah racetrack - they would be familiar with this road).

Being a sucker for old school shops - I would always enjoy stopping at these places and try out their local coffee. Anyways, in this small town, there is a very old school restaurant/coffee shop. I think there are a few others, but this one somehow caught my eyes. It is called Restoran Tong Yoon.

See the tables and chairs with the marbletop.... true classic example of authenticness. =)

Anyways, what do you eat when you're at an old school kopitiam?

Toasted bread - with kaya and butter/margarine.

Go for its local authentic kopi.

Maybe sample their local packed nasi lemak as well.

Have two half-boiled eggs.

Or you can have it all. LOL.

Restoran Tong Yoon
23 Jln Stesyen
35000 Tapah, Perak

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frames, Sunway Pyramid with Hahah Deals! =)

....and so, the other day, I rushed back from Tapah (which is about 140km away from KL) and rushed to check out this cool restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. =) It is located at the main entrance of the Old Wing at Sunway Pyramid - it would be practically impossible to miss it! *woots*

Anyways.... why did I rush there for?

I go and check out this super hot chic marrrrr =)

Where was the date?

FRAMES, Sunway Pyramid. Yes - so easy to find, so easy to remember. =)

Okay - I'm not going to bore you with words and all words - instead, how about I entertain you with some pictures of some really awesome foodddddd!!!!!!!!!?????????

The pastas and the burgers.... their specialties!!! It is a MUST TRY!!!! =)

The food are already reasonably priced... and NOW.... it is getting even more AFFORDABLE to eat there!!!!!!! Wahh.... with prices like this, can bring lengluis out to eat here everyday weiii!!!

THE DEAL is here....

Starters: Gamberi Tomato Bruschettas, featuring a combo of grilled prawns and fresh tomatoes, topped up with tuna sauce... mmm yummmyyyzzzz....

2 Main Courses: I've shown you some pictures above - choose any burger (fish, beef or chicken) and any pasta (diablo, pesto prawns, spicy seafood carbonara or marinara)

Those add up together would cost you RM61.30 in total....

BUT NOW is giving out a super good deal!!! A 51% discount!!!

The DEAL PRICE is @ RM29.90 ONLY!!!! HURRY!!!!


Hahah Rewards Multiplier Tier 1 after 20 transactions in total:
FREE Ice Lemon Tea * 2 worth RM15.80

Hahah Rewards Multiplier Tier 2 after 50 transactions in total:
FREE RM 50 Cash voucher for the next visit (Based on minimum spend of RM110 in a single receipt)

There is just so much to be saved here - with Hahah deals!!!!!!!! For more info, check out their website or their Facebook page here!!!


Sunway Pyramid,
Main Entrance (Old Wing)
Oasis Boulevard K4N
Bandar Sunway
Tel : 03 56319989

So.. what are you waiting for? GET THE DEAL NOW!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery.

Recently, so many new shopping centres opened up in Klang Valley. One of the earlier ones was the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya. To be honest, I have only been to EMPIRE SHOPPING GALLERY like twice. This was my 3rd visit there. =)

The EMPIRE SHOPPING GALLERY. The latest icon in Subang.

One of its famous attraction... is of course, the LEX slide. One day.... I tell myself... one day I'll go try it out LOL. Anyways, just one floor below the LEX slide - and on the same floor as SONY, lies a nice and cosy restaurant; it is called The Vanilla Place.

There you go... the Vanilla Place. =)

The first impression that you would get when you get here is that... the array of cakes and macaroons are so colourful - it probably costs a bomb! But dont worry... read on and you'll find that the prices are actually quite alright. *grins*

The vanilla milk shake, and the oreo milk shake.

If you're here for a light afternoon snack, or just for some light bites, go for their Tea for 2.

The 'dish' - is served with a pot of Boh tea or flower tea. =)

...and then there are plenty of mini cup cakes, mini brownies, cookies, macaroons, strawberry dipped chocolates, mini scones, pie tees, mini quiches, mini pies, tomato bruschettas, tuna sundried and also tomato sandwiches.... and it only cost RM18.80!

If you're here for a proper meal... then you're also in for a TREAT!!!

Check out the awesome soups... both the mushroom and the onion soups are awesomeee!!! And it is only RM9.80!

Delicious Pie Tee, also at RM9.80. =)

If you're into hummus... check out their assorted homemade bread with dips! onto the main courses!

Spaghetti carbonara. =) Looks like the portion is quite huge isnt it? dont worry - it does not burn a hole in your wallet... this main course cost only RM14.80!

Another specialty MUST-TRY! The spaghetti seafood pesto!!!

For RM15.80, how about checking out their chicken rendang?

This is ANOTHER BARGAIN!!! RM18.80 for the super awesome lamb rack!!!

This one sounds a mouthful already. Poached salmon fillet with saffron sauce! *wooots*

There are plenty of other awesome main courses as well, including the fisherman pie, the lamb kofta sandwich, the beef stew, a whole long list of other pastas (try the aglio olio!)... but then my stomach gets filled up easily, so I headed onto desserts NEXT!

This is one awesome pavlova. =) @RM8.80 only!!!

The tiramisu is also one of its specialty here!

Yes.... last but not least, the awesome macaroons!!!

Choose your colours, choose your quantity... the macaroons here are perhaps one of the best there are around!!! =)

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery,
(facing Toys-R-Us)
Selangor, Malaysia

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Xian Ding Wei, Taiwanese Tea Room, Sunway Pyramid.

Yet another quick post - also something on Taiwan - but this time, it is the Taiwanese fooddddd!!!!!!!! =) Yup... Taiwanese food, but it's in Malaysia. =) And so... we were at Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room - the one at Sunway Pyramid.

Note: This is an ASHTRAY! Not water for you to drink *wink*

The place looked quite modern, rather different from those shops you see in Taipei.

Xian Ding Wei - Taiwanese Tea Room.

Yummy isnt it?

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room
Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
OB3.LG1.7 & OB3.LG1.8
Oasis Boulevard (New Wing),
Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Blue Cow Cafe, Plaza Damas.

This is yet another addition to the Pet Friendly Restaurants list that I have. =)

I have decided to put up the list of the places tagged Schnauzer Friendly here - so that you all can browse through nicely. Not trying to boast - but my list may be perhaps the longest list that you can find on the Internet right now for KL's pet friendly restaurants! =) Okay - maybe not the longest, but I believe it is still a good list =)

Actually I have heard of this place before for quite awhile already - but never had the chance to go. Ally (my darling girl) has been there with her Mummy before - you can see it here.

It's called The Blue Cow Cafe. =)

I think I wanna try the chicken stroganoff next time! Anyways, Blue Cow Cafe is located at Plaza Damas; if you're driving, just head to the highest part - go up the 2nd ramp next to Hartamas Shopping Centre and you'll see it... =)

They have a fridge full of pork goodies!!!

...and much more fresh pork for sale!!!!!

The seating arrangements were quite the cosy type; kinda close and all, and then the wooden tables and chairs just makes the feel better.

My pork burger. =)

The roast chicken.

Anyways, I wanna present to you today... that this place.. is also PET FRIENDLY!!!!!!

This is the darling Perry on the table.

Perry and yours truly. =)

The Blue Cow Cafe
N-1-4, Plaza Damas
No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-62013206

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