Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Blue Cow Cafe, Plaza Damas.

This is yet another addition to the Pet Friendly Restaurants list that I have. =)

I have decided to put up the list of the places tagged Schnauzer Friendly here - so that you all can browse through nicely. Not trying to boast - but my list may be perhaps the longest list that you can find on the Internet right now for KL's pet friendly restaurants! =) Okay - maybe not the longest, but I believe it is still a good list =)

Actually I have heard of this place before for quite awhile already - but never had the chance to go. Ally (my darling girl) has been there with her Mummy before - you can see it here.

It's called The Blue Cow Cafe. =)

I think I wanna try the chicken stroganoff next time! Anyways, Blue Cow Cafe is located at Plaza Damas; if you're driving, just head to the highest part - go up the 2nd ramp next to Hartamas Shopping Centre and you'll see it... =)

They have a fridge full of pork goodies!!!

...and much more fresh pork for sale!!!!!

The seating arrangements were quite the cosy type; kinda close and all, and then the wooden tables and chairs just makes the feel better.

My pork burger. =)

The roast chicken.

Anyways, I wanna present to you today... that this place.. is also PET FRIENDLY!!!!!!

This is the darling Perry on the table.

Perry and yours truly. =)

The Blue Cow Cafe
N-1-4, Plaza Damas
No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-62013206


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