Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chicken Hot Pot, SS Two Mall PJ.

Today's guest blogger is my darling sister, Rach - she enjoys good food all the time too, and this was one of the occasion that she ajaked me, but I couldnt make it. I saw the pictures of the food - and I thought, wowww must blog about it. =) Since it looks so nice, I thought - might as well as her to guestblog here.

New mall in town - the SS Two Mall.

Me and Kelv decided to visit it during a rainy evening. First thing we realized is... OMG!!! So many escalators and its confusing. The mall is only like 30% filled up and out of which like 28% are F&B! Well, since we are already there, we decided to try our luck on the "gourmet" there.

One after another shop and it didnt tickle our appetite until we reached the last restaurant - CHICKEN HOT POT.

CHICKEN HOT POT? Its quite an interesting restaurant. Firstly, you can choose either to have chicken, pork, fish or prawn. Then kinda like Nando's - you get to choose the spicyness that you want. Mild, medium, hot or very hot. Me and Kelvin opted for the medium dinosaur ribs. Basically its pork.

Halfway through the meal, you can choose to add soup into the pot, spicy or non spicy. One pot - 2 ways to makan.

Then you can pick you 'extra ingredients' to add on from the fridge. Pay in accordance to the colour of the basket - like a sushi restaurant.

End result - yummy and delicious.

Though a little expensive, but I will surely go back there again.

Chicken Hot Pot,
G-52, Ground Floor,
40, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400


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