Sunday, February 27, 2011

Restoran Tong Yoon, Tapah, Perak.

Recently, my office just obtained a project in the small town of Tapah in Perak. Tapah is the administrative town of the district Batang Padang, Perak, Malaysia (with coordinates: 4.20°N 101.26°E). The name "Tapah" is said to be originated from the name of a fresh water fish, "Ikan Tapah". The scientific name of the fish is Wallago attu. The locals said that the name has been taken from the Malay-Perak dialect word which means "no worry".

Tapah is indeed a very small town only - whereby shops are primarily on two main roads - one being the road from the highway, and the other - is the branch-off called Jalan Stesyen - which leads to the Tapah Road. (for car/motor enthusiasts who knows of the Kampung Gajah racetrack - they would be familiar with this road).

Being a sucker for old school shops - I would always enjoy stopping at these places and try out their local coffee. Anyways, in this small town, there is a very old school restaurant/coffee shop. I think there are a few others, but this one somehow caught my eyes. It is called Restoran Tong Yoon.

See the tables and chairs with the marbletop.... true classic example of authenticness. =)

Anyways, what do you eat when you're at an old school kopitiam?

Toasted bread - with kaya and butter/margarine.

Go for its local authentic kopi.

Maybe sample their local packed nasi lemak as well.

Have two half-boiled eggs.

Or you can have it all. LOL.

Restoran Tong Yoon
23 Jln Stesyen
35000 Tapah, Perak


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