Friday, March 11, 2011

Arumugam Tandoori Chicken & Naan Bread, Ampang Point.

Okay - its not exactly Ampang Point, but instead, it is located next to Empire Furniture, opposite Ampang Point and next to Galeri Guitar within a Malay hawker stall area. It is difficult to find a good tandoori chicken place around, and even more so to find a reasonably cheap one.

The variety of naan and tandoori that they have. =P

The chicken tandoori... is only RM4.50 per piece!!! *wooots*

Meet the chief chef there =) a super cheeky fella ahahaha...

The tandoori chicken is available from 7pm daily. =)

I had the cendol - not too bad.

The naan bread.... oooo check out the melting margarine/butter on the naan...

If there was one thing super oily that you MUST try - it would be this naan.

The tandoori chicken.

Mouthwatering, delicious and super tasty... this is a DEFINITE MUST-TRY!!!

Sorry, no address, it is roadside marr... opposite Ampang Point. =)


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