Monday, March 21, 2011

Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken, Kuchai Business Park.

As most of you all may know, I tend to like my food a little more salty than most people. =)

I am also such a sucker for some of these rare delicacies. Especially salted chicken.

The Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken, Kuchai Business Park.

I used to frequent the Chow Yang pasar malam, or the SS2 pasar malam every week to get my weekly dosage of my salted chicken. And then last month I went to Ipoh and tried the authentic Ipoh salted chicken. After trying that - I told myself I will definitely tapao it back every single time I go to Ipoh. =)

But now I guess I dont have to go all the way to Ipoh anymore for it!!!!!!!

There is this shop in Kuchai Business Park that makes this special delicacy. It is very near to Joe's Photics Studio. Last week, while driving around with Fatty and Ally looking for something interesting to feed my stomach, I stumbled upon this shop. =P

Okay let me show you the awesome chicken now ok...

This is the tapao instructions - when water starts boiling, please steam chicken with paper intact for 10 minutes... ahhh reheating instructions. =)

Can you spot the greedy paw trying to steal a taste of the chicken?

There were a couple of layers of paper around it, but its pretty soaked already so tearing it apart is quite easy.

I can see the chicken already!

The whole kampung chicken for RM22. The ones in Ipoh goes for RM17-RM20. So RM22 is quite a fair price for KL. It is good enough for two person as well.

Delicious Ipoh Salt-baked chicken, direct to you.

Recipe from Ipoh, but made in KL. Easy =P

Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken,
B-0-5, Kuchai Business Park, Off Kuchai Lama,
Kuala Lumpur 58200
Wilayah Persekutuan
03-7987 3377


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