Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chicago Rib House, One Utama.

Wanna look for some lingerie for your wife/girlfriend/lover/secret lover/boyfriend/lesbian friend/gay friend/daughter/mother this Christmas? Or some bra and panties for your loved one? How about.... something furry and kinky? Or just.... basically, anything sexy? Then you should head on to this place at One Utama - it is called XIXILI - and it has a wide range of undergarments and lingerie, for the needy, the sexy and the outrageous types.... 

Anyways, after shopping for some lingerie - then head on to Chicago Rib House for a pork-fect meal. 

Yes, they are famous for their awesome pork ribs. =)

...and of course, the pork burgers too!!! =)

Without much further delay, lets head on to the food.

The first on the list... is NOT PORK. =)

This is the buffalo wings. They come in a few variants - this was the Thai chili sauce. =)

Being such a buffalo wings fan, I believe I may have found one of the best buffalo wings in KL. 

You have to try this; it is very good. =)

Next stop, the Pork burger. This is the Hawaiian Pork Burger. 

I always love my pork burger to come with a slice of juicy pineapple - and this one came exactly like that.

It may not rank in my #No1PorkBurger as No.1 - but mind you, it is highly recommended and it would still command a top 3 position. =)

Ohh.... go for the awesome pork ribs!!! =)

The pork ribs comes in 4 flavours - including original, garlic, flaming and bourbon.

I heard all of it are pretty good.... so..... go on, get a big group, and head over to Chicago Rib House!!! =)

Chicago Rib House
1 Utama Shopping Centre (next to XIXILI)
Tel: 03 7727 3210 

Gurney Plaza, Penang. 
Tel :04-2290763


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